The Hawkins Group provides a variety of investigative services in the realm of domestic relations. 

Child Custody Investigations
 Is your child safe?

Do you fear for your child’s safety and well-being in the care of the person who has been awarded custody? Let us help you investigate to determine the quality of treatment and care that your child is receiving. We will gather evidence that will set your mind at ease or build a strong legal case to have your child removed from the situation.

A child's behavior can give clues that something is not right. If any of the items in the following list apply to your child’s situation, it is possible that they are not being cared for appropriately:

  • Abduction plans
  • Custody Violations
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Other people living in the house
  • Physical & Mental Abuse

Let’s face it. Nothing is more important than the safety and welfare of an innocent child. Unfortunately in many situations where custody or visitation periods are granted to your former spouse, or the biological party that you share parentage with, you are left to wonder about the safety of your child or children. Are your children being left alone at home? Are they riding around at 1:00 a.m. in the backseat of a car while the person responsible for their care is drinking? Is there a third party sleeping over at the residence while your children are there?

At The Hawkins Group we share your concern and we sincerely want to help you. The court is guided by one standard - the best interest of the child. Unfortunately, many times the court does not have a clear picture as to what is really going on in the lives of your children. Child custody investigations are undertaken to determine if the subject parent is treating the children properly, ensuring their safety and not exposing them to improper environments or situations.

Surveillance is an often used and effective technique that obtains evidence of the children's living conditions, treatment, and to identify third party persons who are given access to the children. The surveillance activity can also be supported by any number of fact-finding investigations designed to determine the background, character, activities and associations to assist in evaluation the other party’s overall fitness.

Many divorced or single parents have misgivings about the fitness of the other parent. These concerns can range from children expressing reluctance or refusal to go with the other parent for visitation or custody exchanges, to a parent's abuse of drugs or alcohol. It is often possible for a parent with substance abuse issues, or other character flaws, to present themselves as competent to the court, necessitating the need for thorough documentation of their unsuitable lifestyle. Our child custody specialists will help establish allegations of child neglect, child abuse, child endangerment and unsafe living conditions. Our investigations are fully documented and presented in a professional investigative report, and our specialists stand ready to provide expert testimony before the court.

The Hawkins Group can also assist you with child support investigations. These investigations amount to a search for assets, and are undertaken to determine the non-custodial parent's ability to pay support. We identify and locate all the assets owned by the parent and obtain proof of ownership. Our investigation includes making inquiries to determine if there are possible hidden assets, or funds that have been transferred to other locations in an effort to conceal their existence.

Child custody and child support are the most hotly contested elements of any divorce. When confronted by the prospect of a protracted legal battle over these issues, The Hawkins Group can help. We offer a comprehensive child support and child custody investigation in support of on-going or contemplated child custody disputes and child support hearings. With a combination of surveillance and solid investigation work we uncover the truth.

Fidelity Issues:

The terms are all synonymous: Infidelity, cheating, unfaithful, affair, and adultery. However, if you or your client are the ones using these words to describe the concern about a spouse or significant other, there are also tremendous emotions attached with uttering those words. Fear, pain, & heartbreak are words we hear often from our clients.
We understand the emotional situation that any domestic client finds himself or herself in when the concerns about an unfaithful mate arise. We also understand that it is often the unknowing or uncertainty about the mate's activities that cause the greatest emotional stress. At The Hawkins Group, we understand the need to know the truth. In obtaining and documenting the truth, we also seek to help provide information and answers to assist you or your client in making the right decisions in these potentially life-altering situations. Decisions made from a position of knowing, not guessing. Answers based on knowing the facts, not on hearing what others want you to believe.

At The Hawkins Group we have set the standard for professional investigative services. Our Domestic Investigations Unit is comprised of specially trained investigators who are among the best at handling domestic investigations and obtaining the results and evidence that are most important for your specific case needs.

Every client is important to us, and we provide a service that we are proud of and that you can depend on. Our approach is simple. You will deal with a Domestic Investigation Specialist to discuss your case needs and objectives. A team of the best investigators in the nation, who have been thoroughly versed about the case objectives, will handle the field investigation. Combine this with our caring administrative staff, the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment.  Add our extensive investigative resources to include computer forensic examinations, DNA testing, experts in the field of Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures, and Stalking, and access to an expanse number of database sources and you have The Hawkins Group; the premier investigative agency at your service.

The Hawkins Group has been able to show that a spouse or significant other is or is not engaged in an extra-marital relationship.  If you are concerned that your spouse may be cheating on you and are seeking peace of mind, let our experienced team of investigators satisfy your curiosity and either confirm or dispel your fears.

Your Mate’s Background: 

Are you beginning to get serious about a new boyfriend or girlfriend and want to know if what they are telling you about themselves is the truth?  The Hawkins Group can conduct a background search on the individual and verify or disprove the stories that you have been told.  This can be especially necessary with the advent of and increased use of internet dating sites.


Whether you want to check up on your spouse for peace of mind, in preparation for or in support of legal action, The Hawkins Group can be of invaluable assistance to you. 


Maybe you dont need a full investigation, but just need to verify some facts. Does your spouse currently have a source of income he/she is not reporting?  Are they conforming to their rules of the court? Have they Are they spending their  time in a matter that they claim they are? Let our trained professionals get you the info and facts you deserve.