Corporate and Domestic Relations Surveillance Operations


The Hawkins Group has been selected as the physical surveillance component on numerous high profile and sensitive surveillance investigations. Our clients include small businesses, private investigative firms, insurance carriers, third party administrators, law firms, and public figures. Our surveillance services include but are not limited to General Investigations, Internal Investigations, Executive Background Investigations, and Litigation Support.

The effectiveness of any investigative firm’s surveillance depends on the quality of the training and experience of the surveillance operatives.  We believe the most important elements in building a premier surveillance team is to provide a working environment that promotes high morale and to utilize the best people in the industry.  The Hawkins Group, by utilizing former law enforcement and similarly skilled professionals that has put together one of the best surveillance teams in the industry. Our leadership manages the business in the most efficient manner possible in order to provide a high end service that is cost effective for the client.

Examples of Corporate cases needing surveillance:

  • A business believes that an employee is faking an injury and receiving workman's compensation ( L&I) benefits fraudulently and wants to develop sufficient evidence to defeat the claim and/or terminate the  employee. 
  • A corporation retains The Hawkins Group Surveillance Team to follow one of their former employees to determine if the employee was violating a no competition clause in the employment contract.
  • Security surveillance on shipping containers after intelligence reports that there is an indication of the threat of a cargo hijacking.
  • An insurer wants a claimant kept under surveillance in order to determine if he was really injured to the extent claimed. 
  • A corporation wants to discover if one of their sales staff is falsifying his reports on customers visited and the amount of time he works.
  • Gather intelligence on suspects who have received counterfeit items from another country and in violation of trademark laws.
  • To conduct surveillance on a terminated employee that had threatened the workplace with violence. To identify other participants in an internal embezzlement scheme at the company.
  • To help build a criminal case against an employee regarding theft of computer hard disk drives containing proprietary company information.

     Examples of Domestic Relations cases needing surveillance:

  • A husband wants his wife followed to determine whether or not she is having an illicit affair with a co-worker.
  • An ex-husband involved in a child custody battle wants his children watched to determine if the ex-wife is leaving them in the custody of a known drug abuser when she is supposed to be having visitation with them.
  • A wife believes that her husband may be using illegal narcotics and wants him followed to verify if he is making any drug purchases.
  • An out of state husband wants his wife followed from Sea-Tac airport to determine who she is seeing and where she is staying while in Seattle.
  • A husband has altered his routine and is now keeping late hours at work and his wife wants to be sure that he is working and being unfaithful

 Successful Surveillance Requires Skill, Knowledge, Experience and More….   

Physical surveillance is an art form that requires complete dedication to be consistently proficient and successful. Our specialists, who excel at this craft, possess the skill, experience, sophisticated equipment, creativity and an innate “sixth sense” to be successful on a consistent basis and overcome the common challenges in the field. The Hawkins Group’s superior operatives are armed with the best surveillance tools and when put together they are an effective force when it comes to covertly recording a target’s activity.

Our skilled operatives utilize non-descript vehicles that blend into the environment. They utilize modern digital recording devices that can video tape in low light situations and close-in environments such as a dark night club. Pinhole video cameras are discreetly mounted on pens, glasses and phones. We can also utilize unmanned vehicles with hidden time-lapse recorders to conduct surveillance in environments where a human operative may not be successful. Additionally, when lawful, GPS monitoring devices can be attached to the target vehicle to facilitate its movements and record where it went and when.

To excel at any sport, an athlete must possess superior skills, be well founded in the sport’s fundamentals, have experience in the sport and have an innate natural ability for that sport.  Surveillance operatives are very similar and must possess the same traits as does the outstanding athlete.   A surveillance operative with superior skills, experience and good fundamentals will always stand a better chance to attain the objective. The most important skill for a surveillance operative to possess is that so-called “sixth sense.” That “sixth sense” is the radar that tells the operative if he/she is too close to the target (get burned); or too far away (lose the target). The area that allows the operative to successfully tail the target without getting burned is the “zone.” The Hawkins Group operatives are all craftsmen that have artfully perfected that ability to maneuver undetected in the “zone” and have developed an outstanding rate of success.