Providing Professional Investigative Services and Litigation Support to Attorneys and Their Clients


Mike Hawkins, Principal of The Hawkins Group, is a licensed attorney and a member of the South Carolina Bar where he practiced law for nearly fifteen years. As an attorney, he understands the needs of lawyers preparing cases for trial and possible settlement.

The Hawkins Group can provide cost efficient investigative services to the legal community which will assist lawyers in providing the best and most comprehensive representation possible to their clients. 
The Hawkins Group can help in many ways including locating and/or identifying possible witnesses, conducting witness interviews, taking statements and photography.  In addition we can conduct background witness investigations of the witnesses for both sides of a case in order to provide possible grounds for impeachment, or to raise concern when a witness’s background could be a potential problem. 

The Hawkins Group is experienced in criminal, civil and domestic legal matters.  We have provided criminal defense investigations in both State and Federal court matters, conducted personal injury and other civil investigations, and have provided video and still photographic evidence for use in domestic matters such as divorces and child custody hearings.


Due to the law enforcement background of all of The Hawkins Group investigators, we have a working understanding of evidence law and the necessity of preserving the chain of custody of all evidence developed.  In addition, our law enforcement backgrounds have resulted in our ability to be effective witnesses when called to testify at trial.


The use of investigators by attorneys is increasing and has reached the point where some well known lawyers have openly stated that it borders on malpractice not to utilize the services of professional investigators.  Using The Hawkins Group can be extremely cost effective as our rates are lower than what attorneys charge per hour and our experience often results in being able to obtain the necessary information quicker and more efficiently than could be done by an attorney who has not been trained as an investigator.  Another benefit is that as investigators we can be called to testify while an attorney involved in the case cannot be a witness.

In addition to our full scope of investigative services, The Hawkins Group can provide Service of Process services on request.